Technology can be a butthole: a memoir

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Up until recently I taught writing, including blogging, at BYU-Idaho (where you are most definitely not allowed to use the word “butthole.”) Now that I’m trying to delve deeper into the blogosphere and make what’s it called? oh, money doing it, I offer a deep, throaty laugh of resentment.

Amazon affiliates, anyone? Send help/experts.

I digress.

But I have a point with all of this.


When I taught about blogging, I often had a florescent-lit sea of blank, slightly terrified, faces staring back up at me.

They didn’t know how or often what to blog. Each semester our class discussion would arrive at the same destination: Authenticity. There are a handful of key difference between mundane content and masterful content. For me, one of the most important is authenticity.

The Return of the Whitlocks

And lately, I’ve been brooding about this very subject. Itching to write about my new life in Arizona, inhibited by my own internal stream of criticism and overarching need for perfection.

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