Merry Christmas from the Whitlocks

Merry Christmas!

As per usual, we are a hot mess over here and our Christmas letter we’ve been planning on sending out “next year” for the last four years is finally getting published online. Because we’re adults and we can do what we want.

What a year!

It’s been a whirlwind, and we Whitlocks have been so happy to face it all together.

In short, this year was brought to you in part by McDonalds, health insurance, Apple TV, UHaul, Diet Coke and several major life changes.

And by (most importantly) our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ, which was tested, bolstered and refined this blessed year.

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This year ended dramatically for Eric as he graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in business management and an emphasis in marketing. He enjoyed his work as a web administrator at the university and just completed a marketing internship at the hospital in Rexburg. He is currently pursuing job leads in the Gilbert area.

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Emmilie spent the first part of the year eternally grumpy during the last trimester of her pregnancy. (Poor Eric.) After a struggle with postpartum, she is doing better than she has in years and has enjoyed being home with her two busy kids and teaching writing at BYU-Idaho. She tries to find time to blog whenever possible and is still addicted to drinking Diet Coke.

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Eric and Emmilie also wrapped up their work on Rexburg for Refugees, a nonprofit that provided in-kind donations to refugees in Utah and Idaho, a cause that is very important to both of them.

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Bellamy has grown up so much this year. She turned 2 in June and is going on 22. She’s sassy, fiercely independent, and very kind. She loves her little brother and has adjusted well to having a new baby in the family. She attended a pre-school like experience for toddlers at BYU-Idaho this year and loved playing with her friends. She loves puppies, chocolate milk and butterflies. She had tubes put in her ears and her tonsils removed in September and it has helped her speaking ability enormously. She learns new words and phrases every day and we love being able to hear what goes on in her head.

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Lincoln joined our family on April 7. He is such a joy and is a very happy baby. He loves to play with his sister and flirt with every female. He’s developing such a fun personality and we are so happy to have him in our family. In September Link gave us a scare with a seizure and a trip to the ER. The following months have been a roller coaster as we have been to Primary Children’s in Salt Lake, a neurologist in Idaho Falls and a helmet company in Mesa. He continues to be a little miracle and is in good health currently. We are hopeful for a healthy future for our favorite boy. Link now sports a helmet to correct his brachycephaly (flat headedness) and is more adorable than ever.


In addition to welcoming a new baby and graduating college, the Whitlocks also moved to the Gilbert, Arizona area this month. We are currently living in Chandler, and hope to be on the house hunt soon.

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Our hearts were so full as we left Rexburg. We experienced so many firsts and grew so much as a couple and then as a family. Rexburg is sacred ground to us in so many ways and we will miss all the friends and loved ones we met there.

But we’d be lying if we said we missed the wind and sub-zero temperatures. We will not. We are loving the “cold” Arizona winters in the mid to low 40s. We are so excited for this next chapter and are sure that the Lord has wonderful things in store for us.

At this special Christmas season, we express heartfelt gratitude to so many of you who have expressed kindness and support or offered prayers on behalf of our family during the last few months with everything with Link. We felt the strength of your faith and you strengthened ours in the process.

Mostly, we are so grateful to God, and His son, Jesus Christ. Christ has lifted us through so much this year, both good and bad. We have grown closer to him in such special ways. Though this year has had its challenges, Eric and I often talk about how we wouldn’t change a thing, as all our struggles have helped strengthen our relationship with God and each other. It has truly been such a blessed year.

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Our wish for each of you is a new year filled with hope and happiness. We love you and love hearing about your lives and sharing a bit of ours with you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


All our love,

Eric, Emmilie, Bellamy and Lincoln Whitlock



One thought on “Merry Christmas from the Whitlocks

  1. Thanks, Emmilie, for the great family update! What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Good luck with your new and yes, warmer adventures! You both will be sorely missed! And we can’t thank you enough for the work you did with the refugees and helped people to become aware of their needs.

    Merry Christmas and a much happier, calmer, New Year for you all!

    Elaine King



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