Total eclipse of the heart

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the Whitlocks hosted the most epic 80s-themed “Total Eclipse of the Heart” party.

Also, you know, the solar eclipse happened, but whatever. This party was the main event.

Ok, I’m lying. The eclipse was truly a once in a lifetime (and bucket list!) experience I was so grateful to witness. Watching my friends, family and neighbors turn their attention to the heavens, mystified by the awesome spectacle from nature was amazing. It was like Mother Nature’s olympics and she did not disappoint.

And neither, dare I say, did our party.


I made this disco ball from a paper lantern from Walmart, silver spray paint, mod podge and all the glitter in the world. It was awesome.


Our party spread included Pop Rocks, Ring Pops, Whatchamacallits, Pixy Stix, and Now and Laters, long live the 80s. We also had pac man cookies, and lots of appetizers thanks to my girl, the Pioneer Woman. I basically should just get paid for marketing her food because it’s all I make/talk about.



Bell loves “nacks,” so this party was kid-heaven for her. Also she’s a candy bandit and will now never be un-sticky.



Look at how cute we are. Also, I’m obsessed with our outfits. I am happy to admit I was only stabbed in the face by my earrings once by and ill-timed turn of the head. My little nephew Ryder couldn’t stop touching my pants and I felt a bit like the leg lamp in “A Christmas Story.” Worth it.


Minimal amounts of Pop Rocks give Bell some maximum joy.


We have to talk about this girl. LOOK. AT. HER. I’m dying. I knit a scrappy little pair of leg warmers for her this weekend because obviously that’s what she’s been missing her whole life. Minus one life-ending minor tantrum, she loved the party. She didn’t love going down for a nap during totality, but I loved not worrying about her tiny little eyeballs getting burned out of their eye sockets.

Link slept through the entire party and the entire eclipse. Bless him.

So back to more pictures of Bellamy.



I told her to strike a pose. Vogue.



Eric and I have always loved hosting themed parties. The earth, moon and sun literally aligned to make this day possible, so we figured a tribute to Bonnie Tyler was very appropriate. I’m sure our neighbors loved us blasting our 80s tunes just as much. You’re welcome, everyone.



I love him so much.


Lisa is my party planning partner in crime and I am always happy to shake my booty with her.




I just can’t.


Salutation of the sun. We all hopped up on the trailer for totality.


Let’s talk about totality for a second. Here’s a blurry picture of us at around 11:34 a.m. during the total eclipse. There was a lot of hype about this event and I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. But seriously, it was incredible.

We watched the moon pass in front of the sun, and as it did, the temperature gradually dropped and it felt like I was looking at the world first through sunglasses, and then through a dramatic Instagram filter. It was a crazy phenomenon to witness. We watched the moon completely cover the moon — totality — and cheered with everyone else when day instantly turned to night. We saw stars, guys. Stars! I didn’t bother taking pictures because I wanted to soak in every minute. The bright light that shone around the moon, called the corona was gorgeous.

If you ever have a chance, go see a total solar eclipse. It is worth the hours of traffic, the apocalyptic hype and all the 80s karaoke.


So happy to gather with family and old and new friends for this wonderful day.


After the eclipse we went over to a fun farmer’s market-type event in Rexburg. Look at these guys. They dad so hard. We walked through some cute booths of local art, handmade jewelry and about a million different eclipse T-shirts.

But that was nothing compared to what happened next.

I actually have a lot of fears, and heights is most definitely one of them. I was so fearless as a kid, and remember being so proud that I wasn’t scared of heights. Well that girl is gone, replaced instead with a terrified wreck of a human being who doesn’t like to look over the rail of an escalator at a mall. So this was a huge deal.

I’m going to go ahead and let these pictures speak for themselves. Just know this took about 20 minutes. Twenty crippling, soul-crushingly fearful minutes.

All I’m going to say is that every now and then, I do in fact, fall apart.














It’s highly important for me to tell you that this was not the highest platform I jumped off. See all the way at the very top? Scroll back up instantly. Yeah, I did that. Crushed it, in fact.

And I will say that I drew quite a crowd. Probably because I was dressed like I walked out of a wannabe John Hughes film, acting like I was either having a major anxiety attack or tripping on acid. Ahem, it was the former.



This lover also jumped and was fearless. I had to make him promise not to do a backflip off the platform. He almost had to promise me a trip to Disneyland to get me off that platform.

But I DID IT! I’m a big believer in conquering your fears, but holy crap. I was petrified.


This guy was my spirit animal. This is Jerry Merrill, the mayor of Rexburg. He went off the big 26-foot jump without flinching. What a stud. I totally voted for him.

All in all, a totality awesome day to remember.


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