I won’t love myself for my daugther


Before my daughter was born, I had an epiphany.

Or so I thought.

I had always struggled to speak kindly toward myself. As I prepared to give birth to my first child, I decided to make some changes.

I pledged to love my body to set a good example for my little one and future little ones.

But I give up.

I won’t love my body for my daughter.

I won’t speak kindly to myself just because I should set a good example for my little girl.

I won’t try to change my toxic self-hate speak because I think it’s better for Bellamy.

Because I’ve tried all of that. And guess what?

It hasn’t worked.IMG_1864

The same destructive thoughts kept clouding my mind, darkening my countenance and hanging a millstone of despair around my heart. Then add the guilt for not being the happy, positive self-loving mom I promised my babe I would be, and it is just a recipe for self-loathing.

And my goodness, what a scary, worthless place that is.

It holds no truth. It holds no goodness.

This year is my year of letting things go and embracing truth.

Really, it’s the year of loving myself. But here’s the twist – I’m doing it for me, and me alone.

I will love myself because I am worth loving.

Now, I’m teaching my daughter to empower her life through love, not fear.

And there’s nothing more I would wish for her than a life motivated by love.

My daughter will see my confidence. My self-esteem. My understanding of my worth. She will see it because I see it.

IMG_2695And my deepest hope is that it will inspire her to feel all the same things about herself.

To be able to do this for myself has been an active mind shift.

Before, I would berate myself to unhealthy levels if I found something that needed correction. Now, I can recognize where I can improve and simply make changes in the right direction.

Now, I can feel sadness or anger at my mistakes. Really feel it without the side order of guilt. But that emotion fades.

And now, I’m left with my new mantra: BE KIND.

Because I’ve finally begun to believe a simple truth I tell my readers over and over again: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I am enough.

Emmilie is enough.

We are enough.

So let that knowledge permeate through you and move forward to a brighter tomorrow. Do it for YOU.


3 thoughts on “I won’t love myself for my daugther

  1. I always say you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. By loving yourself for you will set an example for your daughter in how she sees you. Absolutely!


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