4 ways to keep my family spiritually strong

IMG_1820Children have always terrified me.

In fact, perhaps the most horrifying moment of my life to date was the birthing class I attended before having my daughter; a moment of trauma rivaled only by the time accidentally watched the hobbling scene from “Misery.”

But despite the fear of physically bringing children into the world — which turned out to be amazing — raising children in a world with crumbling morals is far more frightening.

As a woman of faith, creating a faith-promoting environment for my family is one of my top priorities.

As I’ve considered this goal over the past several months, through personal prayer and inspired counsel from my religious leaders, I’ve determined four ways to do this.

1. Teach the child

Some of the most sacred moments in my home are the moments I’m talking with my infant daughter about the Savior, Jesus Christ. During those tender moments I have felt God’s love for my little one and me. These moments act as a binding agent, connecting my family with God. As my children grow, I hope they do so in an atmosphere that allows them to openly ask questions about deity. As we discuss answers, and turn to God for additional knowledge, it will prepare them to continue a lifelong conversation with their Heavenly Father.

2. Simplify my discipleship

Sometimes it seems that just getting from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. without an emotional breakdown is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Life is busy and demanding. Jesus Christ has said His yoke is easy, His burden is light. My small and simple righteous routine is the glue to my happily ever after. As I simplify my discipleship by putting my thoughts to God, bettering myself regularly and asking “What would you have me do, Lord?” I find that the chaos of the week melts away to quiet moments that give me the opportunity to feel that I am on the right path.

3. Radiate goodness

This begins with one of the most inspiring thoughts I’ve ever heard:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Ghandi’s message resonates a profound truth. Rooted within me — in all of us — is the power to promote great goodness. As I’ve tried to live this, I’ve found that the happiest times in my life were the ones where I was focused on promoting goodness and joy around me.


4. Let the love of God inspire my actions

It’s hard for me to always feel excited about things I’m “supposed” to do. Normally, my stubborn internal dialogue kicks in with a myriad of reasons not to do something I know I ought to. But because I don’t want my relationship with God to be built on have-tos, I strive to make the love of God the motivation behind my actions, and it changes everything. The same thing goes for my family. I do things for my husband and daughter because I love them. By cultivating this culture in my home, I hope to teach my family the importance of doing things — even hard things — out of love.


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