We are the Whitlocks

Welcome to the Wit Logs. Some quick introductions and we’ll be on our way.

I’m Emmilie Whitlock, wife, mother, Christian, bacon cheeseburger lover and mom joke teller.

I met my husband Eric in 2010 while serving an LDS (Mormon) mission in Montana.


We were married in July 2013 in Mesa, Arizona. Best choice by far.

Our second best choice was born June 2015.

Bell just born

Bellamy Jane is our most favorite tiny person. I have loved becoming a mother and Eric is an adorable father. Our leap into parenthood has not come without challenges, but the rewards are far greater than the stress, feelings of inadequacy and the mind-boggling moments of “Oh my word, what do we do with this screaming baby?!”

Bellamy is a great baby. She cries a lot, but don’t let her fool you. We’re best friends.

Bell crying

I recently blogged over at The Amateur Wife, but decided to set up a new space here to continue my ongoing love letter to all things marriage, family and faith.

I am also a columnist over at East Idaho News.com, where I’m online and on the radio talking weekly about some of the most important topics for parents, families and persons of faith.

Picture 1

We are excited to share all the thoughts and feels about parenthood, faith, marriage and children with you here. Feel free to join in the conversation. It’s great to meet you.



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